Stay Relevant or Risk Losing Engagement

Stay Relevant or Risk Losing Engagement


I follow and like dozens of pages and belong to nearly 20 closed groups on Facebook.

It is sometimes a challenge managing all of this.  The benefits are worth it though.  It means that I get a chance to vent about issues and events that would not be congruent with my now mature personal brand.  My own personal FB page is (when my husband doesn’t post things on my wall) very vanilla and family friendly.  If I can’t say anything nice, generally I say nothing at all, and I am very careful to only post even mildly controversial material with a balanced and non-confrontational angle and message very clearly attached.

This is not a strategy I would suggest for everyone.  If your brand, organization, message or group is by nature controversial, then you’d be best to embrace that head on.  Whatever you do, and whatever you are trying to say, I would implore you to please stay relevant and know your message.

Don’t deviate from the topic, don’t use a successful page, twitter following, feed or blog to pursue campaigns or agendas that aren’t directly related to your message and the audience you are trying to reach.

Today I removed a really great page: Grow Food Not Lawns.  I have followed this page for years and enjoyed the messages a great deal.  I’m and enthusiastic sustainability and environmental causes advocate, and there was frequently some great material on this page.

Then they posted this:

Now, I am not here to talk about vaccination.  And neither, did I think, was the Grow Food Not Lawns page.

So I cut and run.  And that’s easy enough for any potential client, customer or user to do.

Based on the HUGE response they have received and the ongoing arguments heating up on the thread, I wonder if they didn’t do this on purpose to gain reach or increase their engagement.

The fact is though, by bringing in this very unrelated topic, they have cost themselves credibility, have fuelled quite a few heated arguments among their followers, and, in my case, complete alienated a formerly engaged audience member.

So be careful out there when you are searching for and sharing content.

Stay on topic, and think before you post!

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