Self Imposed Social Media Ban Experiment – Five Days…

Self Imposed Social Media Ban Experiment – Five Days…


I noticed in the days leading up to and following the new year, that the numbers on my friends list were fluctuating.

Upon further investigation it seemed that there were several people taking a self-imposed detox from social media.

Reasons varied.  Some people found it too much of a distraction, some people had it on their resolution list to close the laptop and put down the smart devices and focus more on real life.  Some people found the whole social media thing a source of heartbreak and embarrassment.

Intrigued, I set out to conduct my own tiny social experiment.

The impetus to actually go ahead and do it came from a rather impressive row with hubby and a desire to curb some venom that had been stored up.

So, on Sunday night, out went the lights on my FB account.

And by Tuesday I had to turn it back on, but locked myself out using the selfcontrol app for Macs.  GREAT APP!  Everyone should consider making it a habit to enable it for at least 8 hours after their second wine or alcoholic beverage. I’ll talk more on all of this in the final report I’ll have finished in a couple of weeks.

Every good experiment has a few components:

1)  A control:

This is the thing that continues on exactly the same as usual, except for the control factor that has changed.  In this case, I have plenty of controls, but am only monitoring my husband’s and business partner’s accounts for the purposes of this experiment.

2)  Replication:

The more times you replicate the experiment precisely, the richer and more accurate your pool of data will be.  I’m only doing this once for now and gathering qualitative rather than quantitative data.  So this is going to be a chance to observe subjectively rather than accurately and objectively create raw data.

3)  Testable Hypothesis:

The Hypothesis for this is simple:

I hypothesize that I will NOT be able to manage, monitor, or organize projects and events without at least some level of access to or involvement with social media (in particular FaceBook)

Secondary Hypothesis:

Managing access and “locking out” of social media will have a notable effect on my offline productivity and some level of noticeable effect on my outlook and time spent interacting with my family.

So I am five days out of regular and sustained activity on most social media platforms, in particular FaceBook.

I have compiled a decent amount of data, and am pleased to report that the world and my relationships did not come to an abrupt end.  I did have to reinstate my FB account within 48 hours of shutting it down as all my events and pages were shut down when I froze the account.  Proof positive of hypothesis.  Thank you very much.

I’ve also got to strongly suggest that people look into the social media blocking apps available.  They are water tight, and taking some time locked out is an interesting and enlightening experience.

I’ll report back later with the final results.  For now, I am going to go and post a blog.

Looking forward to sharing more on this with you.

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