Dee West

Dee West

My name is Dianna West. You can call me Dee, just about everyone does. I've been having conversations online and face to face; around the world, and with different people, publics and organisations for a long time now.

A while back, I decided I was tired of being fed lies, half-truths and obscured messages. As a quintessential extrovert and acclaimed conversationalist, I found out that lots of other people felt the same way.

Not one to be idle, I decided to test my theory that the world is ready to share messages of truth, hope and integrity by starting a PR firm that deals solely in shedding light on things, rather than obscuring them.

If this is something you’re passionate about as well, I have a feeling our paths are going to cross at some point – either on line or in the real world.

In fact. If you are reading this. They already have. Call, text or email me if you want to talk some more about it.